Sunday, September 17, 2006

OOTG T-shirt

OOTG TSHIRTHere is the T-shirt logo. If your submission is accepted, you will get one of these T-shirts as well as a free copy of OOTG. (As of Sept. 1, 2006, I claim the bloody typewriter as a trademarked logo, so don't even think about copying either this image or the general concept.)

Below are original drawings and paintings that may or may not make it into the final version of OOTG. This gallery will change and evolve as the project evolves and more artwork is perfected.

I painted this a few years ago for no reason and I just include it because the mood is right, even if the subject matter isn't completely appropriate. Here's a challenge: write a story for it so I can use it.

The guy killing himself by several methods already has an accompanying story, I just haven't completed the layout.

Here is an interior illustration meant to go at the top of the page, with the text. Guess what story it's for and who that story is by.

This is a poster design done to experiment with style and layout.

Another experiment.

This is another interior illustration for D.Z. Allen's "Spring Break in Mexico." This is intended to go on the page facing the text. The writing below the picture isn't final at the moment, just there to give an idea of the look.

For "Chinese Finger Trap" by some fool I know.

This is deliberately f'd up around the edges because it's supposed to have a nice, sleazy feel to it. Click on the picture to get the larger image.
This guy doesn't need to be here.

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